Posted by: MedievalUser | October 17, 2011

Hello world!

Because I will not have the money to enroll my four children in any college accredited by the system, the only remaining solution is to open a free university (self-accredited of course)  where my children should be able to get a diploma (or whatever piece of paper).

Our university diploma will be probably useless in this world, in spite of the fact that our graduates will be truly prepared academically,  much better than the standard average.

But the diploma does not matter much anyway, unless one got some family members highly situated; only then a career inside some corporation makes sense.  A lot of graduates, all their lives, keep begging for jobs, sending resumes, going to interviews, reading articles about how to behave. Finally they get a job – but a few years later get laid-off. And the whole struggle starts again. Pathetic…

Our teaching method is original, new and revolutionary, because the curriculum is personalized according to each student style, talent and capability.


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